Bushido Saga MOD APK 1.0.8 Android Samurai Offline RPG

Bushido Saga MOD APK Android Samurai Offline RPG

Bushido Saga MOD APK Android Samurai Offline RPG

Bushido Saga MOD APK Android Samurai Offline RPG

Bushido Saga MOD APK Android Samurai Offline RPG

Bushido Saga MOD APK Android Samurai Offline RPG

Description and review :

Bushido Saga MOD APK Nightmare of the samurai is a disconnected experience activity amusement from Pandora Game Studio. A samurai is good to go to set on an epic enterprise with epic mission story line and some RPG flavors. Basic gameplay yet viable and addictive assault and safeguard instrument. Free amusement and requires no HARD IAPS. just delicate IAPS are there for Gold coins. Bushido Saga Samurai MOD APK is as of now prepared with MOD for Unlimited cash and gold coins.

Bushido Saga MOD APK Android Samurai Offline RPG Download 1.0.8


Following a time of war,the torments of the sengoku period were at long last fixed away in the texture of time. By shoot and fellowship the Tokugawa faction ascended as the sole leader of japan.Tokugawa Ieyasu got to be shogun, the preeminent general and defender of the sovereign. Now,one hundred years of peace have passed by… . Be that as it may, ravenousness is continually hiding in the hearts of men and underhandedness knows no limits. Connivances and plans proliferate… .Oishi-the player itself, must battle to ensure your ruler's respect with your life!.


Gameplay is basic you need to tap on adversaries to assault them and you are a samurai so you have sharp cutting edge which player assaults it with both hands. Dark foe assaults by tapping two fingers together or counter assault by tapping on crossed sword symbol. Tap on ground to move and reach to the adversary zone. Excellent Classic looking illustrations that gives you moment feel of old japan. Little journeys are given in all missions. like in first level you should achieve the palace and manor is now under assault. amusement story starts simply like this and it goes and gradually. There is an Inventory alternative where you can utilize things to recuperate yourself or prepare new weapons and clothing.In there you can likewise check your players details like Mighty,Dexterity,Spirit,Health and assault. In the event that you like some great non mainstream RPG diversion which plays disconnected and has tolerable story and gameplay then attempt this amusement its of your time.

What’s New: v 1.0.8
New World Map artwork! Redesigned Interface and icons! New Victory stars!
Mission 4 boss area improved
Main menu Options button added
Main menu Facebook login button added
In-game menu Options button added
In-game menu interface redesigned
Auto-drop area removed from player’s inventory
Minor fixes: missions 3, 4 and Nightmare 2
Minor fix: revival position

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money
Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 1.0.8
Install MOD APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.

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