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Its NBA LIVE Mobile APK Android Live mobile apparently this is brand new I have not played it yet be the first time of course made by EA Sports were very familiar with NBA LIVE Mobile APK Android Live aren’t we please specify her age ok I don’t know why you need me to specify my age but will do that I am definitely 19 ok I’m 28 years old that’s not bad ok 28 that touch either go except enter a name okay written down my name and game started. underway Golden State alright Laker nation select welcome to NBA Live mobile is great start with the first tutorial was doing using the virtual stick move your player down the court towards the zone marked on the court flooring guy I can do that what is dragged over here easy peasy to shoot a basketball start by holding down the shoot down the chute I know these are gonna be really bad for me out taking a shot not be your first get over here bad is bad anyways actual later taken a shot at the greedy they go bring it down here bring it down you take the shot poppin it can 343 challenge complete against 400 currency or currencies will come into lines it’s probably going to donate enough coins to start building your team first tap on the menu icon at the top left of the screen to open the side menu and click right here but we got here or my team I like the look at 80 I guess we have to go to store so I first pack opening here we go mobile pack opening tap the open. the best mobile game I’ve ever played for stones pretty good but this is great guys if you’re an NBA LIVE Mobile APK Android fan especially 2k give this a shot fun as hell I had a good time I’ll definitely playing more.
Requires Android: 3.2 and Up
Version: 1.0.6
Install APK and play.

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