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The Fall on Android. Now Deus Ex The Fall 0.0.31 APK  of games are probably among the best ever made, certainly as a kind of story driven  environment for great futuristic RPG's. There probably  isn't anything better and so I was really excited to see this game  make its way down onto mobile platforms. Now they've  done a very good job here. The graphics are fantastic with a few  rough edges here or there that slightly break the immersion at times. For  instance the character animations, not the best  I've ever seen at times fantastic at other times  feeling well just a little bit old school in my opinion.
The general story is pretty well done. It follows on really from Deus Ex the main game as it were, the last  version of the game that was released and it's  a golden era for science and  technology and effectively humans have started to  augment their bodies with cybernetics improving their abilities in vision, strength and a host of other areas as well. Now this  game basically follows one former British SAS mercenary as he attempts really to uncover what happened to his team and  take some revenge. It's all pretty good and for a mobile game  having a story at all is generally something to applaud. At times the dialogue can feel a little  ham-fisted  but overall it's a very good game. It's something that as shooters go, it's not quite pick up and play. Some of the levels, you know, last a fair old while. It's probably the sort of thing that you can play on a train. Certainly if you're sat around waiting and you've got  minutes. But it's not really a game  you can pick up and just spend five minutes completing a level with.Deus Ex The Fall 0.0.31 APK 
The RPG elements work very, very well. games and in The Fall it's done very, very well. There's not a lot here to grumble about. Maybe the price? A £ .   game is a fair amount to ask and it is reasonably short in my opinion. But it is a AAA title. That I have no doubt. It has everything you would be looking  for from a AAA shooter. The added bonus with the RPG elements just makes this a winner in my opinion. Certainly if you've got the £ .   it's well worth  checking out. Do please  remember to LIKE and comment  and if you'd like to, please subscribe. If you do  subscribe you'll be getting a daily dose

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up

Version: 0.0.31
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Install APK,place data folder in sdcard/android/obb/ and play.


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